From traditional to exotic

Flowers for yachts

For yacht owners, captains and ship managers, we are a reliable partner they can trust to create spectacular flower arrangements (from traditional to exotic) that are sure to hit the taste and sensibility of our clients. Refresh ship cabins and common areas, make them elegant or playful.

Outdoor flower arrangements

Outdoor flower arrangements for yachts are made mostly of tropical flowers that can withstand great heat and sun. These are mostly colorful and cheerful arrangements in summer colors that contribute to the summer atmosphere.

Indoor flower arrangements

Interior flower arrangements for yachts are made in one or possibly two colors, they are simple, elegant, not too intrusive. These arrangements usually consist of roses, orchids, anthuriums, lisianthuses and other suitable flowers.

Flower bouquets

Bouquets of flowers are suitable decorations to refresh the yacht areas such as corners and bar. These bouquets are not too colorful and are made of flowers that last longer. They are most often made of hydrangeas, peonies, roses, amaryllis, lisianthus and other more perennial flowers.

Wow flower bouquets

Special bouquets for yachts are prepared for special occasions that are celebrated on the yacht. Bouquets contain flowers (eg roses, lisianthus, various seasonal flowers, etc.) but also occasional decorations (eg fruits, sweets, chocolates, flags, etc.)

* Flowers used in bouquets and flower arrangements depend on their availability at the time of order. In case of unavailability, the flowers will be replaced by other flowers of the most similar characteristics and quality.

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